if this is just a dream, why are you worried?
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Well, it’s been a long time since I don’t make a follow forever or anything to thank you all for everything guys.

Yesterday night I hit 6,000 followers and I stil can’t believe how is that people follow me. It’s such an honor and a pleasure to share my likes with all of you, and since for me this site started to be just a place to share my stuff because I was starting to hate all the dramas and everything and was trying to avoid everything (actually I lost interest and was wondering myself to quit from this place lol), there are a lot of things for why I’m here with you all. I love all of you, everybody that’s following me has won a special place in my heart, and even if it’s so little, you all make it bigger! So since I don’t know how to graphic and can’t make like an url graphic giveaway or something like that, here you have a special follow forever.

All of these people make my dash even better. Maybe I don’t follow a lot of blogs, but all the blogs I follow are amazing. Anyway, let’s start with this.

First of all, my babies. My really close friends, those ones which whom I talk almost everyday (or maybe lest but you know) and that they know they can always count with me.

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Now it’s time for all those blogs that have a special thing for me and even if we sometimes talk, I wish we could talk more and more!

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And, obviously, never forget all the blogs that I follow and, even if we don’t talk that much or we had never talked, are so talented and awesome and deserve everything.

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I can’t forget those huge blogs which keep me updated eeeeveryday and eeeverytime about the news and my loves, all the staff of these blogs are amazing, you should follow or, at least, take a look at their daily blogs.

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And finally, my blogroll because there are more blogs I follow but I can’t make this list too long! Thanks for everything. And if you feel sad because you aren’t in here, don’t! I love you and I love the fact that you’ve decided to follow me through the months because it means a lot. A fucking lot. That make my days even better.

Thanks again, I love you all boos! Silvs.

Long Distance AU (part one | part two)Derek and Stiles have been dating for five months before Derek decides to leave Beacon Hills, and Stiles understands, he does, understands why Derek would need a break from a town filled with fire and ash and guilt buried six-years deep. Derek makes Stiles promise to call whenever he starts to feel panicky or when the darkness tries to creep back into his mind (even if it’s three in the morning, Stiles, I mean it) and Stiles makes sure that Derek will keep his word to text Stiles whenever he starts going down that mental road of thinking that he’s not worth saving (don’t you dare give up on yourself, Derek, I swear to god-) and it’s good, it works. Early morning Hello’s and late night skype chats that end when Stiles ultimately tires out and falls asleep with his face smushed into his pillow, Derek lingering a little while longer just to watch Stiles’ face go slack with sleep, cheeks flushed and lips parted, listens to the soft even breathing through the tinny speakers.

Stiles leaves video recordings for Derek sometimes when Derek messes up the time schedules and doesn’t show. 

It’s been seven months of Derek living in New York. Sometimes he thinks that he’s just waiting around for an excuse to return, because god I miss you, Stiles, sounds too pathetic of a reason when spoken aloud.

ladies of lost: juliet burke


Derek is, actually one of the fans, I want to give them a shout out actually, I forget their name but they did an awesome sketch based off of something I said about Derek. [ x ]

(cos I’m the one the shout out is for. I drew that.)*dies happy* dfgkztkhstk

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Trailer